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A Duke's Distraction

A Duke's Distraction

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He's looking for a duchess. She's looking for...anyone but him.

Georgie Cleveland is well aware that true love exists. She may have even found it in the handsome young poet she's set her sights on. But now Georgie is forced to go to extremes to catch his eye.

She decides to make him jealous by feigning interest in someone else. Her sister's brother-in-law, the Duke of Roxborough will do. She knows as well as anyone that he's not the man for her. The Duke has made it abundantly clear that he's in search of duchess material—and that she will never be up to snuff. But her poet doesn't need to know her flirtatious smiles are all for show. And it's not like her heart is in danger.

After all, Roxborough is far too dull for her tastes. So boring, so stodgy. And yet...a surprisingly passionate kisser.

Main Tropes

  • Grumpy / Sunshine
  • Friend's Brother
  • Forbidden Love
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