About The Author

Maggie Dallen writes sweet, lighthearted romances for readers looking for a feel-good escape. Her regency romance and young adult series are the book version of bubblegum pop—they're high on laughs, low on angst, and contain no sex or swearing, so good for all ages.

She lives in Montana with her family and spends most of her time living in a fantasy world.

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    "Loved this read! There were many sweet, heart melting moments between the characters... There are also tons of hilarious moments that made me LOL. The ending will leave you all swoony inside. Must read book!!"

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    "Thank you for your books. They’re life savers! It’s so heartwarming the way you weave in the insecurities of your characters and make them rise above them."

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    "I HIGHLY recommend this collection! Sweet stories (fine for teens), full of wit and humor. Ms. Dallen is becoming one of my favorite authors. Her writing is superb."