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Fake Dating My Rockstar Roommate

Fake Dating My Rockstar Roommate

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What do you do when your fantasy man turns out to be a total jerk? Well, if you're as unlucky as Gina, you wind up living with the dope.

Gina Parker might be sitting front and center in the VIP box for Aston Rogue's sold-out concert, but she's not exactly living her best life. It's bad enough her boyfriend stood her up, but now she finds out he's cheating on her? Surely this night can't get any worse. Oh wait, it can. Because Aston Rogue spots her in the crowd, sees her crying, and he sings to her. To her. Little Gina Parker, your average, small-town girl next door. Or, according to online gossip the next day, America’s sweetheart—and the woman who’s finally managed to tame the devilishly handsome, world famous rockstar.

Turns out Aston needs a PR miracle and he’s decided she’s the perfect marketing ploy. This should be a fangirl's dream come true. Instead it’s a nightmare. Because Aston Rogue? He’s not at all the man he pretends to be. It’s all an act. So who is the real Aston Rogue? Better question, why do his kisses make her swoon when she knows very well it's all just pretend. It is just make believe...isn't it?

Main Tropes

  • Rockstar Crush
  • Fake Dating
  • Forced Proximity

Intro Into Chapter 1

Gina’s face hurt.

Her cheeks ached, her jaw was clenched too tight, and she was pretty sure her lips had gone numb from this wide, beaming smile. But there was no way she’d let it falter.

Not when the entire world was watching her.

Well, maybe not the world. But she was definitely the center of attention here in the VIP box, which was tucked right next to the stage. She was so close, she could actually see every chord the guitarist from the opening band played.

So close that she was just a little uncomfortable with all the attention she was getting. No one else in this box seemed to care that they were being ogled by the concertgoers below. They were too busy sipping on their wine. Which begged the question, who drank wine at a rock concert? Her fellow VIP-box mates, that was who. 

The clusters of older, way-dressed concertgoers in this box were currently talking in low tones amongst themselves and casting the occasional annoyed glance toward the stage as if the opening band was intruding on their private conversation. How dare they play music when we came here to talk business? That was the vibe Gina got from the two men in suits behind her. 

So no, they didn’t seem to notice or care that they were on display like the freakin’ Queen of England up in this box, but Gina couldn’t help but squirm at the attention. 

She wasn’t shy by nature, but she wasn’t exactly a fan of being in the spotlight either. And especially not now when she was trying to convince herself that she hadn’t been stood up.

But one glance over at the general population crammed into the standing-room only section beside her and she saw no less than ten people she knew waving at her. She waved back, her teeth clenched together as she prayed that her grin hadn’t morphed into a grimace. 

It was hard to tell since her facial muscles were frozen in place.

“There’s Gina,” she heard someone shout.

She turned her smile in that direction but couldn’t spot who’d shouted her name. It wasn’t like she was famous or anything; she’d just lived in this small ski town in Cyrano, Wyoming her entire life. Everyone knew everyone, and the fact that she ran the local coffee shop didn’t hurt either.

Anyone who had a caffeine addiction was BFFs with Gina Parker.

The opening band launched into their last song, and it was once again too loud for Gina to make out any voices in the crowd. Too loud to hear her phone too so she snuck another peek. 

Still no response from Billy. 

He’d said he’d be here though. Of course he’d come. He’d bought these crazy overpriced tickets. He was just running late, that was all. He probably stopped by Java Lava, the coffee shop that he owned and she managed, to make sure everything was in order before joining her for a fun night out.

Yup. Any second now, he’d walk into this VIP section with an apologetic smile and a boatload of excuses for making her wait.

She tapped her foot in time to the beat as she forced her smile even wider at the thought. For all she knew, he was just caught in traffic. 

Traffic in Cyrano?

Or maybe he’d forgotten his ticket. 

The electronic tickets that he could call up on his phone?

Maybe he forgot his phone. That would definitely explain why he wasn’t responding to her texts, at least.

She glanced back toward the amphitheater’s entrance again, and this time she took in the full depth of the crowd which seemed to stretch on for ages. 

She didn’t envy her friend Trent or her brother Colton. As the county’s new sheriff and one of his deputies, they’d have their hands full with crowd control, not to mention the parking nightmare that had to be taking place on the typically deserted roads around here.

While their little town got a steady stream of tourists during the winter for ski season, these summertime music festivals stretched their resources to the limit. And snagging a headliner like Aston Rogue...? 

This town was so not equipped for the kind of crowds he drew. This show had sold out the very day it was announced. A first in this festival’s long history.

She narrowed her eyes as she peered toward the back of the crowd. Her brother and Trent’s fiancées would be out there. Addison and Vanessa had likely found a spot to make camp with a picnic blanket and some wine. Far from the stage, maybe, but also far from the crush.

Gina turned her rigor mortis smile to beam at older man in khakis and a button-down shirt who was sidling past her to his seat. He shot her a curious stare in return as she shifted to let him pass. She couldn’t blame him for staring. 

An old Sesame Street song played in her head every time she glanced around her. One of these things is not like the other...

She didn’t fit in with this older, wealthy crowd, and she was sure they knew it. The word townie might as well have been tattooed on her forehead. Even if she hadn’t been decked out in an faded Aston Rogue T-shirt and holey jeans while they were wearing suits and business-casual dresses, the fact that she was here alone would have been enough to make them stare.

A lock of dark hair blew into her face, sticking to her chapstick until she brushed it away. She’d worn her long curls down because Billy always told her how much he liked it that way, but the wind kept slapping her in her face with it.

Her gaze wandered to the back of the audience again, where small groups were standing around talking. What she wouldn’t give to be laughing with Addison and Vanessa right now, and not here—on display and surrounded by strangers. 

But while being with her friends sounded appealing, she ought to be grateful for the gift she’d been given. Her boyfriend Billy hadn’t mentioned how much these VIP tickets had cost, but she didn’t need him to spell it out for her. These tickets were exclusive and in demand. She was darned lucky to be here.

And she was grateful. Truly. 

She peeked behind her toward the entrance to this elite box for any sign of Billy. 

She’d just be way more grateful once she could stop worrying that she’d been stood up. 

Pulling out her phone, she glanced down at the screen. Nothing. Nada. 

A stupid stinging at the back of her eyes had her smile faltering ever so slightly. The urge to cry was ridiculous. He was on his way. Of course he was. He’d bought these tickets for her as a surprise because he knew what a huge Aston Rogue fan she was. He wouldn’t do that and then ditch her.

The surprise had been sweet. So thoughtful. And if she’d been a little disappointed, she’d only had herself to blame. It wasn’t his fault that she’d heard “I’ve got a surprise for you when I get back to Cyrano” and leapt to conclusions. 

They’d only been dating for six months, and most of that time he’d been traveling for business. Of course he wasn’t ready to propose. 

She’d let her imagination run wild—a bad habit, really. One she’d thought she’d kicked after the last guy she’d dated told her he was taking her away for a romantic couple’s weekend and ended up renting out her apartment on a vacation rental site to make extra cash while he brought her to visit his parents.

But Billy wasn’t like the other losers she’d dated over the years. He was smart and funny, successful and driven. The coffee shop where she worked was one of several businesses he owned, which meant he not only had his act together like a real grown-up, but he was busy.

Which was why he was late.


The opening act’s last song was coming to an end, and Gina’s smile started to fade along with it. She wasn’t entirely certain anymore who she was trying to fool with the smile. 

Relaxing back in her seat, she made a list of all the reasons she was grateful. It was a trick her mother had taught her when she was little and times were tough. Appreciating the little things kept her happy even if her daddy had been hauled off to prison again and her brother had gotten in trouble. Again. It was a trick that not only worked, but had made her the upbeat, optimistic young woman she was today.

First, there was the fact that she even had a seat. Seats were a rare and precious commodity in this crowded outdoor venue. Then there was the fact that she was about to watch her favorite singer perform. How many years had she stared up at Aston Rogue’s poster over her bed during high school, imagining a moment just like this one when she’d be close enough to shout his name and have him hear her?

She grinned, and this time her smile felt real. Her face still ached, but that was the price one paid for being determinedly upbeat even when one’s belly was twisted in anxious knots.

And then there was the fact that Billy had bought her this ticket. The thought still warmed her heart. Had she already bought a ticket of her own? Of course she had. The very minute they’d gone on sale. But the gesture was still sweet, and splurging on a front row seat like this was really above and beyond.

Almost like he was trying to make up for something.

Or let her down easy.


No. She shook her head to rid herself of these nagging, paranoid thoughts she’d been battling for weeks now. Was it her imagination or had his texts become less frequent? Had he hurried her off the phone the last time they’d talked or was she reading into things?

She needed to get a grip.

Gina jumped to her feet as the opening act came to an end, her clapping and cheers matching the enthusiasm of those down below, if not the far less noisy crowd she was seated amongst. 

She kept cheering as the roadies did their thing. Cyrano and the surrounding towns didn’t get a lot of rock concerts so Gina hadn’t been to many, but those she’d gone to she’d been sure to clap for those hard working men and women doing the dirty work behind the scenes. 

The man sitting next to her looked at her like she was nuts, but she was okay with that. 

From where she was standing she had a glimpse of the offstage area and her heart flew into her throat when he appeared. 

Aston Rogue. In the flesh. He had his head bent down as he talked to another man, his brow furrowed in concentration. His grey T-shirt clung to his muscles, and his faded jeans molded to him with perfection. 

It might have been ten years since she’d graduated high school and left her childhood bedroom behind, but he still looked exactly like he did on the poster over her bed. 

Her jaw was hanging open and the butterflies in her belly flew into action, stealing her breath as her stomach flipped and flopped like she was on a roller coaster. Her head actually started to spin like she was the one drinking the wine her box-mates were downing like water.

A goofy grin spread across her face and a high-pitched squeak came out of her mouth.

So this was what it meant to be starstruck. 

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