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A Chance to Dance with the Duke

A Chance to Dance with the Duke

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New Release, exclusive to Maggie Dallen's store!

When the popular Duke accidentally makes a fool of the wallflower...

Sweet, frail Meg has never said yes to a dance in her life. Everyone knows it. Including the handsome, beloved young duke.

Which is precisely why he asks Meg to be his partner. Because, unbeknownst to the ton, the charming duke? He cannot dance. But when Meg stuns him and the rest of the crowded ballroom by saying yes to his request...the duke's in a pickle. 

Without meaning to, he makes a laughingstock of poor Meg, and now the only way he can think to make it right is to trick all of London into believing he's in love with her.

Or, perhaps he's not fooling anyone but himself. Because, despite her bad opinion of him—this duke is falling head over heels for a wallflower.

Start the sweet, lighthearted new regency novella series at a discounted price today!

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